An Affliate of Osprey Spill Control

Welcome to Osprey EcoConsult Nigeria Limited

We, at Osprey EcoConsult Nigeria Ltd, are focused on social, environmental, and economic responsibilities through innovative green sorbent products with staged depos throughout the western horn of Africa; village level training, infield consulting, and hands-on field work resulting in subsequent employment of the indigenous people of Nigeria concentrating work on the clean-up of Ogoniland. Another important focus is the creation of a nonprofit, for the direct benefit of the local population, strategically aligned with several local groups including the Ahiakwo Christian Foundation. Our overall goal is to improve the day-to- day living conditions of the local population and to reinvigorate a sense of hope for the future..

The Phoenix is an ancient symbol for rebirth and renewal. Osprey's Phoenix Africa Project is the overarching name for what we hope will be a series of projects, beginning with the effort to clean up the oil in the Niger Delta. After years of hydrocarbon contamination, the Phoenix Africa Project will bring environmental restoration, improved quality of life, and new hope for the people.